Woman Claims to Be Saudi Arabian Crown Princess, ‘Menaces' Saudi Embassy: Secret Service

A D.C. woman claimed to be a crown princess of Saudi Arabia, menaced the Saudi Embassy, tried to access the White House and threatened to kill U.S. Secret Service officers, according to an affidavit filed by a U.S. Secret Service officer this week.

According to the affidavit, LaToya Mahoney-Smith, who has multiple aliases according to federal investigators, has made multiple attempts to enter the Saudi Arabian embassy on New Hampshire Avenue in northwest D.C., including an attempt after a stay away order was issued. Mahoney-Smith attempted to see the Saudi Arabian ambassador and claimed to have classified documents to give him, the affidavit said. On at least one occasion, Mahoney-Smith said she was the deputy crown princess of Saudi Arabia.

On one occasion, Mahoney-Smith threatened to kill Secret Service officers who were removing her from the embassy grounds, according to court records submitted by a Secret Service officer.

Mahoney-Smith is also accused of menacing the White House. According to the Secret Service court filing, “On March 12, 2018, (Mahoney-Smith) called the direct office and mobile lines of an employee of the Department of State Office of Chief of Protocol eight times, requesting to be cleared into the White House as a member of the official delegation for the meeting with the President and the Crown Prince on March 20, 2018.” The Secret Service affidavit also said Mahoney-Smith contacted the White House operator and requested White House access for the meeting with the prince.

Mahoney-Smith also has a criminal history of stalking in Florida, according to court documents.

An attorney for Mahoney-Smith did not immediately return requests for comment.

A judge has ordered a competency hearing in her case and required Mahoney-Smith to be held without bond Thursday.

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