Woman Arrested With Loaded Gun at CIA Headquarters: Police

The woman refused to speak and wrote "GUN" on a piece of paper

A woman was arrested after she took a loaded gun onto the grounds of CIA headquarters, officials say. 

A police affidavit obtained by the News4 I-Team says the woman had a loaded 9 mm pistol with five rounds of ammunition, including one in the chamber, when she entered the grounds in Langley, Virginia, about 5 p.m. Friday.

The police affidavit said the gun’s safety mechanism was not engaged and the woman carried a second magazine with five rounds of ammunition in a black handbag. The affidavit said the woman drove her car onto the grounds, beyond signs that stated “Restricted Area” and “Turn Around.”

Beth Huth is charged with knowingly possessing a firearm at a federal agency installation. A judge scheduled a hearing for Tuesday afternoon at the U.S. District Court in Alexandria to determine whether Huth should remain in custody at the Alexandria jail until further hearings in her case.

According to the affidavit, a CIA security officer said, “I asked the driver if there was anything illegal in the car, after which time she nodded her head up and down so as to indicate 'yes' and began to reach for a black handbag resting on the passenger seat. I ordered her to stop reaching for the handbag and leave her hands where I could see them. I asked her to write what she was searching for, and the driver wrote "GUN."

A CIA representative declined to comment on the case.

Huth is represented by a public defender. The attorney declined to comment. It was unclear from court records if Huth has entered a plea in the case. 

Huth is not the first person to be charged with breaching security at CIA headquarters in recent years. According to a News-4 I-Team report, former FBI agent Tunisia Davis was charged in May 2015 with unlawfully entering the grounds. An affidavit filed by CIA investigators said Davis drove to the main gate of CIA headquarters and drove past an officer who tried to stop her.

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