Woman Arrested for Posting Snapchat Video of Special Needs Child in Bathroom: Police

Police say the video showed the child partially undressed

A Maryland woman has been arrested after police say she posted a video to Snapchat of a special needs child who was partially undressed inside a school bathroom in D.C.

Krisha Garris, 23, of Temple Hills, was arrested and charged with voyeurism on Wednesday, D.C. police said.

Garris is an instructional aide for St. Colleta of Greater Washington, a school for children and adults with intellectual disabilities in Southeast D.C., according to court documents.

Court documents said Garris was in a bathroom at the school on Friday, Dec. 1 when she recorded video of another instructional aide changing a 13-year-old girl's diaper and cleaning the girl's gastronomy tube.

Garris told police she posted the video to her Snapchat account to document her stressful day and titled the video "Wanna go home," according to court documents.

"The defendant stated that she loves the children that she works with and would never purposely hurt or shame them. The defendant stated that later that evening a co-worker contacted her via phone and told her that she needed to delete the video," court documents said.

The girl's mother called police on Monday after the school told her about the Snapchat video.

The instructional aide who was tending to the girl while Garris allegedly recorded the video said she noticed Garris had her cell phone out and told Garris if she was recording her she should delete the video.

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