Lady Gaga Concert Rescheduled Ahead of Possible Wizards Playoff Game

Because of a potential conflict with the Washington Wizards' playoff schedule, Lady Gaga's March 15 concert at Verizon Center has been rescheduled to March 12.

“We apologize to Lady Gaga and to her fans for any inconvenience in having to reschedule her show at Verizon Center,” Verizon Center senior vice president and general manager David Touhey said. “We also want to thank her and her fans for their flexibility and understanding. Lady Gaga has been extremely accommodating in working with us to reschedule her tour date given the Wizards potential playoff game, and we are looking forward to her show.”

The eccentric pop star essentially flipped her Washington and Philadelphia shows; she will now perform at Wells Fargo Center three days later than originally planned.

The NBA released the Wizards' schedule for their second-round series against the Indiana Pacers this past weekend and a potential Game 6 would have conflicted with Gaga's performance. 

Washington teams have been affected by prescheduled concerts. A Yanni concert at Mellon Arena in 2009 forced the Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins to play back-to-back games during their second-round series. 

"It is a shame that both teams will have to play back to back games ... because the Pittsburgh building -- against NHL rules -- booked a series of concerts and forced the league to alter the playoff schedule," Capitals and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis wrote on his blog back then. "This is bad for the league, both fan bases and for the players.".

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