New Developments Bring Overcrowded Schools in Montgomery County

As new developments continue to transform Montgomery County, Md. officials are beginning to see crowding at local schools as a legitimate problem.

One example is the White Flint development, where officials are planning to build office and retail spaces -- including 9,000 residential units.

Montgomery County officials have plans for a new elementary school in the works. However, it would only house 400 students.

"It's a growing population and I believe they need more schools," one Montgomery County resident told News4.

Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent Joshua Starr told News4 the district is aware of overcrowding at area facilities, especially the elementary schools.

"We're growing by 2,500 students a year and we have been for a while," Starr said. 

Space in the White Flint area, as well as many other areas experiencing population surges, is at a premium. Starr said the district is committed to providing quality education to a growing population.

"We have more and more kids coming each day," Starr said. "We want to make sure they have a 21st, even 22nd, century environment to thrive in and we have to keep pace with the moment."

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