Wintry Mix With Morning Snow Expected Thursday

Snow is expected to mix with rain after sunrise Thursday, which will limit overall snow totals

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As a powerful winter storm moves across much of the United States, the D.C. area is about to get hit with another blast of mixed precipitation and snow later this week.

A winter storm watch has been issued for the region from late Wednesday through late Thursday.

We'll start to see the impact Wednesday night. Snow will be likely at the start of this event, and we could see an accumulation of several inches by Thursday morning. However, the snow is expected to mix with rain after sunrise, which will limit overall snow totals, says Storm Team4.

“It really remains to be seen how much snow and how much ice we’re going to get. The computer models are still all over the place with this,” Storm Team4 Meteorologist Amelia Draper said.

The storm that has paralyzed much of the Great Plains is forcing warm, moist air up the East Coast and right into our area. With so much cold air just on the other side of the Appalachians, the D.C. metro area is right on the transition line between cold rain and what would be a lot of snow -- if we were just a few degrees colder. This is all the more reason to watch the Thursday-Friday forecast carefully, Storm Team4 says.

Temperatures will hover just above freezing Thursday and likely drop just below freezing Thursday night, causing difficult travel conditions.

That storm will move away on Friday afternoon and leave us cold and dry for the weekend.

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