Storm Team4: Tracking Winter

Winter weather has the potential to stop the Washington, D.C. metro area in its tracks. When snow and sleet threaten, staying prepared means the difference between a smooth commute home and getting stuck on a snowy Beltway in rush hour.

That's why Storm Team4 brings you this special series of winter weather videos that shows how our area gets ready for the season, from Chief Meteorologist Doug Kammerer's winter forecast to how snow plow drivers get trained -- with a simulator that looks a lot like a video game.

And we take you inside our newest weather technology: The Storm Team 4x4, a weather vehicle that allows us to report live from inside severe weather.

Anyway, winter isn't all bad: Cold weather also brings new menus to seasonal restaurant tables, thanks to farmers using the latest technology. And for retailers who use data well, winter weather can even help sales.

Enjoy these highlights from our Winter Weather Special, "Storm Team4: Tracking Winter." Or, if you missed it Saturday on News4, tune in at 5 p.m. Sunday on Cozi to watch. (Click here for Cozi listings.)

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Doug Kammerer, Chief Meteorologist

Chuck Bell, Meteorologist

Veronica Johnson, Meteorologist

Tom Kierein,Meteorologist

Amelia Segal, Meteorologist

Storm Team4: Tracking Winter:

Clearing the Runways 

Winter Farms to Winter Tables

Snow Plow Simulator

Retailers Turn to Weather Data for Decision-Making

Storm Team4 Technology

Storm Team4's Winter Weather Outlook

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