Will Work for Job

Job seeker hangs sign around neck, hit the streets

WASHINGTON -- With unemployment higher than it's been in decades, many applicants are taking extra steps to find a job. For Michael Volpe, that meant hitting the streets with a sign around his neck to let potential employers know he's available.

Dressed in suit and tie and a sign requesting entry level employment, Volpe stood at 13th and G streets downtown with resume in hand Monday. From a distance, he appeared to be a protester or a street performer, but the 25-year-old from New York insists he's merely looking for work.

"I'm looking to start working professionally and I'm tired of searching on the Internet for jobs," he said. "I have a bachelor's in physics and I spent 2 years in the Peace Corps."

A shoe store sandwich board guy gravitated toward Volpe in an attempt to feed off the attention he was getting.

If you want to hire him, Volpe plans to be back out at the 13th and G corner Tuesday morning. Or you can e-mail him at M.Volpe@ymail.com.

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