Couple Doesn't Let Blizzard Crash Their Wedding

A fierce snowstorm canceled thousands of flights and postponed professional sports games Friday, but it couldn't stop one Virginia couple from getting married.

Instead of letting Saturday's blizzard drown out their wedding bells, Jessica and Brian Clough simply moved the ceremony up to Friday.

"There were so many tears – I cried all of Wednesday," said the exhausted, happy bride. "But we have a wedding, we got married. That's what matters."

Her father-in-law, Dave Clough, said they had to start planning all over. Flights had to be moved and a wedding planner had to be located. (They found one, appropriately named Whitney Frost.)

"We had to figure out how to move everything from 4:30 tomorrow to 1 o'clock today," Dave Clough said.

Snow was already falling when wedding guests did arrive – though many were unable to make it. But Jessica and her husband Brian did make it down the aisle, determined not to let a blizzard keep them from getting married.

"After all the stressful events are done, it just looks amazing, you know?" Brian Clough said. "We're only going to have good stories to tell."

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