Where to Buy the Nintendo Switch Friday

The system is expected to sell out fast

The Nintendo Switch hits stores Friday, and for those who didn’t manage to secure a pre-order in the brief moment they were available, getting the console March 3 may require braving a long wait in the cold.

Considering how quickly pre-orders for the system sold out, it seems unlikely the Switch, priced at $299, will be immediately available past Friday morning.

Shoppers determined to get the system on its launch date will have two options: wait in line for a midnight release Thursday or wait in line for a morning release Friday.


There are no midnight releases inside the District and few options in Maryland or Virginia. GameStop, Walmart and Best Buy are the only stores with midnight releases in the region, with GameStop offering the most options.

  • GameStop has numerous locations opening at midnight in both Maryland and Virginia. These stores will have a “limited supply” of the system, according to a statement from the company. Click here to see your closest options.
  • Walmart will also have a limited supply of the console. Ordinary Walmart stores won’t be opening at midnight, but 24-hour Walmart Supercenters will start selling the Switch at midnight. The Walmart Supercenters in Alexandria and Vienna in Virginia are the closest to D.C. Click here to see if the Walmart closest to you is open 24-hours.
  • Best Buy will only have one location opening at midnight in the Washington region. The Best Buy near Virginia’s Springfield Town Center will open at midnight.


  • For those who don’t want to sit outside at midnight, a Friday morning release may be a better option. GameStop, Walmart and Best Buy locations that didn’t open at midnight will have the system available Friday morning, as well as all Target and Toys R Us locations.

Keep in mind that all inventory is first-come-first-serve and likely to sell out quickly. Whichever store you go to, make sure to check what time they open and get there as early as possible. 

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