When Health Care Open Enrollment Starts, Watch Out for Scams

In a few weeks, open enrollment for health care begins. As you begin shopping around, the News4 Consumer Watch team is warning you of copycat websites and scammers that could be trying to take your money.

Here are four ways Consumers Union says to stay safe while shopping for a health plan:

1. Be sure you go to the right website HealthCare.gov. Keep in mind that there are also sites like HealthCare.com and HealthCare.org, but those are not run by the government. Consumers Union warns that non-government sites also may not list all the plans available to you.

2. If you're overwhelmed, there IS free help. Click “Contact Us” on the HealthCare.gov homepage. You can get help over the phone, online, or in person. You can also get financial help in some cases.

3. Be cautious when you're asked for personal information online. However, if you need financial help – HealthCare.gov will ask for your social security number.

4. Even if you enrolled last year, shop around again. Make sure your doctor and medicines you take are still "in network". You also might be able to get a similar plan at lesser cost to you.

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