‘What if My Daughter Would Have Died?' Mom Terrified After Bullets Hit DC Home

A local mother says she is living in fear and her family is too afraid to walk past the windows in their D.C. home after someone fired shots inside.

"I just couldn’t believe it. I really couldn’t believe it," Machia said. News4 is not revealing Machia's full name because she fears for her family's safety.

She said she was home with her 2-year-old daughter, her young sons and her boyfriend on April 19 when bullets flew into their home on T Street SE.

"It’s just very sad that you can’t have a peace of mind, you know, living here," she said.

Machia says she vividly remembers the night of the shooting.

"I just got off from my part time job. Trying to get some rest, I like, really laid on the couch. I looked at my daughter," she said.

She said she was singing songs to her daughter before falling asleep. Moments later, her boyfriend started yelling.


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"He’s like 'Shots fired! Shots fired! Get down!' and we’re crawling to safety to the back of this couch here and I see him covering my daughter," Machia said.

Several bullets hit their home. One shattered her window. Another glided through her wall.

"[There was] glass in my eye. My eye was burning and I was on the ground and I was crying," Machia said. "What if I would have died? What if my daughter would have died?"

She said a month before the shooting someone threw a brick through her window.

Police are investigating both incidents.

Meanwhile, Machia is trying to save enough money so that they can relocate.

"It's not safe and I want to move. And I’m trying to get assistance to move," she said.

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