We're No. 1! D.C. Breaks Snowfall Record

Old record from 1888-89 falls

It's official. This is the snowiest winter on record in Washington, D.C.

NBC4 chief meteorologist Bob Ryan broke the news at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday that the District officially has recorded 54.9 inches of snow this winter -- thanks in part to two blizzards.

That broke the old record that was set in 1888-89 of 54.4 inches.

Ryan, for one, thinks that since we got so close to this record, it was good to actually break it.

"Everyone should get a little satisfaction for being a part of history," he said. "Everyone will be able to tell their children and grandchildren that 'I survived the winter of 2010.'"

Oh, and don't forget: the winter of 2009-10 is still going strong. So there's a good chance we could add on to our new record.

Snowiest Winters in D.C. History

  1. 2009-10: 54.9 inches*
  2. 1898-99: 54.4
  3. 1995-96: 46.0
  4. 1921-22: 42.5
  5. 1891-92: 41.7
  6. 1904-05: 41.0
  7. 1957-58: 40.4

(* and counting)

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