Biting Cold, Gusty Winds Followed by a Hard Freeze

Break out your jackets, hats and gloves on Friday: Biting wind chills are here.

Winds blowing in the range of 15-30 mph will make temps in the low to mid-40s feel even colder.

You'll see plenty of sunshine Friday, but temperatures will stay low.

Layer up for your evening plans. Winds will fade after sunset, but cold weather is sticking around. 

By Saturday morning the entire D.C. area will be below freezing. Even downtown D.C. and areas near the Chesapeake Bay should have a hard freeze.

Saturday will stay sunny and cold. Highs in the mid 40s will be about 15 degrees colder than average.

The cold air will relax on Sunday. The next big chance for rain is from Monday afternoon to Tuesday morning.

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