‘We Just Need a Little More': Police Give Update on Murder of Reporter Charnice Milton

Charnice Milton's family plans a vigil Friday night on the corner where she was shot one year ago

A day before the first anniversary of the shooting death of local news reporter Charnice Milton, the D.C. police chief said investigators "just need a little more" to catch her killer.

Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier and Milton's stepfather, Ken McClenton, spoke Thursday afternoon near the bus stop in Southeast D.C. where Milton was shot the night of May 27, 2015, as she headed home.

Lanier said the investigation is ongoing and police have received a steady stream of tips.

"We've got a lot of momentum going in this case," she said. "We're all very passionate about bringing those responsible in her murder to justice."

The police chief encouraged anyone with information on the killing to contact police.

"We know there are people out there that can give us the last piece of information we need," Lanier said.

McClenton thanked police and urged District residents to not become numb to crime.

"We have to end the tolerance we have in D.C. not just for violence but for murder," he said, fighting tears.

"When we're so concerned that our child might go to prison for an effort that they did in the middle of the night ... that has to come to an end," McClenton continued.

Milton was waiting for a bus on Good Hope Road at Naylor Road about 9:40 p.m. when a gunman riding in a group of dirt bike and all-terrain vehicle riders opened fire.

The shooter's apparent target pulled Milton in front of him and used her body as a human shield, McClenton says police told him.

The following week, police released surveillance video of 14 persons of interest shown riding seven dirt bikes and ATVs.

Lanier said police are working to appeal to those dirt bike and ATV riders. She said they should contact police despite any concerns about their "culpability for not coming foward sooner."

"If you have the information and you help us bring this killer to justice, you're helping us solve a problem and we will work with you," she said.

Lanier declined to say on Thursday whether police had spoken with the shooter's intended target.

MPD polices high-crime areas through the use of uniformed officers, undercover officers and cameras, Lanier said.

"Officers exit a block for a matter of seconds, and we'll hear gunshots as they turn the corner," the police chief said. "Police presence is not the only solution here."

Milton's family will hold a vigil for the young woman Friday at 7:40 p.m. on the corner where she was shot. Police will hand out fliers related to the crime at 9:30 p.m.

MPD never gives up on unsolved homicides, Lanier said.

"As painful as it is, we don't want to give up hope," she said. "There are always circumstances that will give us information somewhere down the road."

Milton's mother, Francine Milton, told News4 she believes one of the 14 persons of interest will step forward.

"I feel in my heart there's one who's really dying inside, who's not going to let this rest,” she previously said.

Anyone with information on Milton's killing is asked to call police at 202-727-9099. Tips can be submitted anonymously by sending a text message to 50411. A reward of as much as $25,000 is offered.

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