Wawa to Open ‘Restaurant-Style Location’ in DC

The beloved convenience store/take-out restaurant/gas station chain has a location planned for the nation's capital, the company announced Wednesday.

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Courtesy of Wawa
The first Wawa in D.C. will be a "restaurant-style location," a statement from the Pennsylvania company says.
Courtesy of Wawa
Wawa fans love ordering via touch screen.

n"It's all about customization," company executive Michael Sherlock told The Philadelphia Inquirer.. "That's been a big attraction. It gives the customer empowerment."
Courtesy of Wawa
Wawa did not immediately respond to an inquiry about where the D.C. store will be and what it will offer.
Courtesy of Wawa
Wawa, whose stores are open 24 hours, has more than 640 locations across the United States. Wawa is "a native American word for the Canada goose found in the Delaware Valley," the company's website says. The business began in 1803 as an iron foundry in New Jersey. Then, owner George Wood began processing milk in 1902.
Courtesy of Wawa
As home delivery of milk declined in the 1960s, Wood's grandson opened the first Wawa Food Market in 1964.
Courtesy of Wawa
Company CEO Chris Gheysens is set to unveil details about the D.C. location on June 13 at an event at the Newseum.
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