Water Main Break Sends Sewage Gushing Into Alexandria Homes

Several Alexandria, Virginia, residents are cleaning up four days after raw sewage poured through their homes when a water main broke in the 100 block of South Jordan Street.

Contaminated water gushed into the lower levels of 14 homes not far from Landmark Mall Thursday morning, ruining residents’ belongings. When the 6-inch water main broke, the rush of water was so strong it backed up sewer pipes.

The water company, Virginia American Water, hired a cleaning service to bail out, clean up and start to rebuild but it has been a slow process because of the extent of the damage.

Sahr Pombor’s home video shows water pouring out of the toilet and leaking through the back door. His niece had to wade out of bed.

Across the street, Willie Brown’s new furniture is soaked, stacked up in the backyard.

Virginia American brought ServePro in right away to start the cleanup, but it wasn't until Monday Brown's carpet was ripped up. But he’s more concerned about possible health risks.

A spokeswoman for Virginia American said the company did not do any kind of health analysis. They did offer hotel rooms to some residents who lived in basement bedrooms.

A city of Alexandria spokesman said because the water main is owned by a private company, they don't have a role. The city does encourage residents with questions to call the city health department.

The cleanup contractor held a meeting with the residents Sunday. They will have a follow up meeting Thursday to update everyone on the timetable.

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