PHOTOS: See Elephants Smash Pumpkins at the Baltimore Zoo

Elephants will smash pumpkins at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore this weekend. Here's how amazing it is.

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Maryland Zoo
Maryland Zoo
The zoo has four African elephants: Anna, an adult female; Felix, a second adult female; Tuffy, an adult male and Samson, a juvenile male who was born at the zoo in 2009.
Maryland Zoo
Each elephant has their own way of smashing the pumpkins, which they eat. Anna tends to smash the pumpkin and then eat the pieces one by one, Ballentine said. Felix tries to eat it all at once.

n"It's the kid who takes the whole cupcake and smashes it into her mouth rather than takes bites," Ballentine said.
Maryland Zoo
Several other animals at the zoo also get pumpkins for Halloween. A video shows a lion named Zuri batting a pumpkin around like she's a housecat.

n"They tend to play with them like they're playing ball," Ballentine said.
Maryland Zoo
Other animals, like the leopards, get papier-mache pumpkins that are painted to look like the real thing. Many of the pumpkins are filled with meat and coated with lard. The donkeys get hay-filled pumpkins, and for the chimpanzees, they're filled with Cheerios, pretzels and peanuts.
Maryland Zoo
The Elephant Pumpkin Smash has been held at the zoo for at least 15 years. Some families go see it before every Halloween, Ballentine said.

n"It really never gets old," she said.
Maryland Zoo
The "ZooBOOO!" festivities at the museum include trick-or-treating, costume contests and carnival games. To learn more and see the full schedule, visit the zoo's website.
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