Washington Takes Atlanta Mano a Mano

Washington edges Atlanta out of the eighth largest area in population

The Washington metropolitan area has overtaken Atlanta to become the nation's eighth-largest region in population.  But it was a squeaker. 

In the latest numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2009 Washington had 5,476,241 people to Atlanta's 5,475, 213. 

What made the difference?  Middleburg Life says the growth in the Washington area was largely due to growth in the suburbs -- especially Loudoun and Fauquier counties. 

This is the only change in position among the other metropolitan areas nationwide.  New York, Los Angeles, Chicago are the first three.

And for the rest (drum roll...) Dallas-Fort Worth, Philly, Houston, Miami, D.C., Atlanta and Boston.  All 10 areas grew in numbers -- led by Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth.

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