Washington Post Poll Finds Most Washingtonians Like, Support Redskins’ Name

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This week's hullabaloo surrounding the appropriateness of the Redskins' name focuses on a poll released by The Washington Post Tuesday.

According to said poll, 61 percent of Washingtonians polled like the team name and 66 percent believe the name should not be changed. Meanwhile, 28 percent of Washingtonians said the Redskins should adopt a new moniker, a significant increase from the 11 percent who said the same thing in a national poll recently conducted by the Associated Press

Interestingly enough, of those who believe that "Redskins" should stay put, 56 percent of them recognize that the nickname is an "inappropriate" term to describe Native Americans.

Also, 82 percent said that if the name were to be changed, it wouldn't affect their fandom. 

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