See the Washington Capitals’ 2018 Stanley Cup Championship Ring

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Washington Capitals and Jostens
Washington Capitals players, coaches and staff were presented with their 2018 Stanley Cup Championship rings in a private ceremony Monday. Get a look at the jaw-dropping rings, which each feature more than 250 diamonds, plus custom-cut rubies and a star-shaped sapphire.
Washington Capitals and Jostens
The ring is made of 14-karat white and yellow gold, set with diamonds, rubies and a sapphire. The total precious stone weight? A cool 10.2 carats. That includes 5.5 carats' worth of diamonds (230 round diamonds and 22 princess-cut diamonds), 4.6 carats of rubies (28 taper-cut rubies and seven star-shaped rubies), and a star-shaped sapphire on each.
Washington Capitals and Jostens
The left side of the ring features the player's name above a Capitol building created from 14-karat white gold. A star-shaped ruby and sapphire are set on each side of the Capitol. The player's numbers are set to the right, with the number of stones ranging from 7 to 18 diamonds.
NBC Bay Area
The face of the ring depicts the Caps' logo in red and blue enamel -- surrounded by 27 pavé-set diamonds and encircled by 28 rubies -- and the words "Stanley Cup Champions" in yellow gold. The three star-shaped rubies above the logo are inspired by the D.C. flag. Another 157 diamonds create "a cascading waterfall effect" down the sides of the ring's face, a release from the team said.
Alex Pavlovic
The inside is engraved with the Caps' logo, as well as logos and series scores from their journey to Stanley Cup victory.
Washington Capitals and Jostens
On the right side of the ring, the year 2018 is set with 26 diamonds, and a Stanley Cup created in white gold is set with another 20 diamonds and one star-shaped ruby, symbolizing the team’s first Stanley Cup victory. Two more star-shaped rubies on either side of the Cup commemorate the team's two Eastern Conference Championships, the release said.
Washington Capitals and Jostens
The Caps won a long-awaited Stanley Cup victory earlier this year. "These rings will now forever be a reminder for the players, coaches, and fans: we did it," said Capitals owner Ted Leonsis in a release. "We are thrilled today to be able to unveil this beautiful ring, which will always be a proud symbol of the Capitals' incredible 2018 Stanley Cup run and the unbreakable bond they created among all Caps fans who shared in the joy of that moment together."
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