Be on the Lookout for a Sweater-Stealing Fox

We're guessing even the fox knows fur is out

Trappers called in by police are combing Charlottesville for a fox who supposedly bit two people and stole another person's sweater.

Biting people: Not funny.

Stealing a person's sweater: Funny!

Four people have reported encounters with a fox, including the two who were bitten, said Charlottesville city spokesman Ric Barrick.

Police and health officials are concerned the animal could be rabid, but Ed Clark, director of the Virginia Wildlife Center, says that while it's unusual for foxes to behave aggressively toward humans, there could be other reasons.

Like needing to spice up a dull wardrobe, perhaps?

The two bite victims are being treated by their physicians. In the meantime, Charlottesville residents are encouraged to keep an eye out for Sweater Fox. If the fox requests something you're wearing, just give it to him.

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