Virginia's Luckiest Lottery Stores Include 12 in Northern Virginia

What to Know

  • A Powerball ticket with $217 million was sold at the Richmond International Airport to a couple from Fredericksburg.
  • A gas station in Alexandria and a grocery store in Fairfax had four big prize winners each.

People have to play to win the Virginia lottery, and everyone is looking for an edge to get the big prizes.

Some lottery locations, including a dozen in northern Virginia, seem to have the winning luck, producing more jackpot winners over the last five years than other places.

7-Eleven stores throughout Virginia have the most repeat winners, those winning more than $100,000, and are also the biggest seller of lottery tickets.

A Powerball ticket with $217 million was sold at the Richmond International Airport to a couple from Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Thirty stores across the state have sold three or more big ticket winners since June 2011. A gas station in Alexandria, Virginia, and a grocery store in Fairfax, Virginia, had four big prize winners each in that time period.

"Luckiest? That's interesting," said Virginia Lottery spokesman John Haggerty. "Of course, now, any store could be, potentially, a lucky store."


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Haggerty said the stores selling the most winning tickets often are stores that sell more tickets overall than other locations. He said lottery players are always looking for a perceived edge and are going to see a trend, whether it is part of the game or not.

The lucky dozen in Northern Virginia, according to the Virginia Lottery:

  • Crystal City News, Arlington, three winners
  • 24 Express Food Store, Alexandria, three winners
  • K Shell Food Mart, Arlington, three winners
  • Landmark Towers Sunoco, Alexandria, four winners
  • Shoppers Food, Fairfax, four winners
  • Dollar Power, Springfield, three winners
  • Kingstowne Sunoco, Alexandria, three winners
  • 7-Eleven, Alexandria, three winners
  • Handy Dandy Market, Woodbridge, three winners
  • Discount Tobacco & Things, Woodbridge, three winners
  • 7-Eleven, Stafford, three winners
  • Handy Mart Mobil, Fredericksburg, three winners

NBC12 in Richmond originally did the story, highlighting lucky stores throughout central Virginia. 

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