Virginia Democrats Face Off In First Gubernatorial Debate

Lt. Governor Ralph Northam and former Congressman Tom Perriello both seek the Democratic nomination in the race for Virginia governor.

The two Virginia Democrats hoping to win their party's nomination for governor debated for the first time Saturday in Northern Virginia.

Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello, a former member of Congress from Virginia, answered questions about a variety of issues, including traffic in Virginia, Metro funding, raising the minimum wage, campaign ethics and finance, and their governing styles.

Tom Perriello, a former member of Congress from Virginia, and Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam meet for their first gubernatorial debate. Creating jobs in Virginia, the minimum wage, the Redskins, education funding, the cost of college, and Metro’s future all come up in Part Two of their conversation with News4’s Tom Sherwood.

They also discussed the cost of college, abortion and hate crimes. 

News4's Tom Sherwood moderated the debate. 

The Republican candidates in the gubernatorial race debated on Thursday, April 13 at Liberty University. You can watch the debate here.

The two democrats running for Governor of Virginia touch on road congestion, abortion and hate crimes before delivering closing remarks in Saturday night’s debate. Ralph Northam is the current Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Tom Perriello is a former member of Congress from Virginia.
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