Virginia Woman Wins $1M While Showing Friend How to Use Lottery Machine

Her friend won $12

Merry Thomas just made a whole lot of money teaching.

Thomas, of Fredericksburg, Virginia, had just finished working an overnight shift when she went to a Giant grocery store with a friend and coworker so she could teach her how to use the self-service lottery machine.

She also showed her how to scan a ticket after scratching it to see if they won anything. So they scanned their tickets.

Her coworker won $12. Not bad -- except Thomas won a cool $1 million.

"I've been freaking out since then!" she said, according to a release from Virginia Lottery.

Thomas won the top prize in the 20X the Money game, according to the lottery.

She chose to receive the money in a one-time cash option of $630,915 before taxes. She'd also had the choice of taking the full $1 million prize over 30 years.

Thomas bought the winning ticket at the Giant at 35 Town and Country Road in Fredericksburg, which will get a $10,000 bonus from the Virginia Lottery.

As for what she'll do with the money, Thomas said she has no immediate plans just yet.

"I just feel so fortunate," she said.

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