Virginia Woman Claims She Witnessed Cain's “Pattern of Behavior”

Woman says Cain asked to be put in touch with participant of 2002 seminar

An Arlington, Va., woman witnessed behavior she believes is consistent with sexual harassment allegations against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Donna Donella, an IT contractor, hired Cain for a seminar in Egypt in 2002. Cain was intrigued by an Egyptian woman who asked him a question, Donella said.

“He came up to a colleague of mine and I and said, ‘Could you put me in touch with the lovely young lady who asked the question? I’d like to give her a more detailed answer over dinner,’” Donella said. “And we thought that was kind of strange.”

Donella refused to reveal the questioner's identity, and Cain asked her to dinner. Donella and her colleague accepted. Cain did not make any advances, Donella said.

“I want to be clear that I was never harassed by Herman Cain,” Donella said. “I just saw something that was consistent with a pattern of behavior.”

Donella said she felt it was her duty to speak out after hearing Sharon Bialek’s allegation Monday. Bialek said she met with Cain in D.C. in July 1997 to get help finding a job. After drinks and dinner that night, Cain groped her in a car, Bialek said.

Cain’s denial made Donella go public.

"How many women is he going to call a liar?" she said.

Tuesday evening, Cain said he doesn’t know Bialek and doesn’t recognize her name.

Cain has also denied three other accusations of sexual harassment.

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