Virginia Teens Launch Glass Recycling Business

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Two Northern Virginia teens started their own business to help recycle glass that might otherwise end up in the trash.

In many parts of Northern Virginia, glass doesn’t get picked up with the recycling anymore. Instead, residents can either just throw it in the trash or recycle it themselves, and that’s not always possible.  

Brothers Jonathan, 17, and Danny Oppenheimer, 14, who go to George Mason High School in Falls Church, have been filling that need.

“It just kind of came naturally that, you know, hey this is something that we could do,” Jonathan said. “We could go get the glass.”

They pick up used glass from homes and businesses in the Falls Church area and take it to the local recycling center.

“People are busy, working,” Jonathan said. “They don’t want to take their glass on a separate day and go bring it to a center and dump it off.”

Jonathan drives their parents’ car, and Danny does the hauling. They have about 100 clients and charge $5 per pickup.

Client Clare and Don’s Beach Shack in Falls Church prides itself on being environmentally conscious.

“We recycle everything that we possibly can recycle, and the thought of having to not do the glass was really hard on me,” owner Dave Tax said.

The teenagers’ business is called Glass House Recycling, and they say they are looking to possibly expand.

“This has absolutely been an incredible learning experience,” Jonathan said.

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