Virginia Teen Convicted in Sex Tape Scandal

A Fairfax County judge convicted a West Springfield High School student accused in a sex tape scandal Thursday.

The teen was accused of recording girls while he and his friends had sex with them.

Two other boys already pleaded guilty to unlawful filming, but attorneys for the third boy fought the charges.

He and his two best friends allegedly recorded several sex tapes with girls their age. The defense argued the case is about expectations of privacy, claiming the girls caught on camera knew there was a chance they could be recorded.

One of the explicit videos was recorded in an elementary school parking lot, and the 17-year-old girl involved took the stand. She was asked if she knew a camera was present. She broke down crying as she explained that she made it clear she did not want to be recorded.

Another girl testified that in a separate incident she chased a boy with an iPhone into a bathroom, and the boy tried to convince her he hadn’t been recording.

The two teens who pleaded guilty also took the stand against their friend.

The judge convicted the boy of two felony counts of unlawful filming, but acquitted him of distribution of child pornography and another charge.

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