Virginia Supervisor Censured Amid Financial Scandal

Sterling, Va. Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio has been formally censured by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors in the wake of a special grand jury report that suggested he misused county funds and his staff.

With the words, "Enough is enough,'' Board Chairman Scott York called for the vote after two hours of discussion Wednesday evening. In addition to the censure, Delgaudio's Sterling office will be stripped of nearly all county funds and he will be permanently barred from serving on board committees.

"The integrity of this board is at stake, the integrity of my own Republican party is at stake," said Supervisor Ralph Buona in urging the censure. "We have to police our own and when things are done wrong its up to us to correct it."

Delgaudio has been under fire since last fall when a county paid staffer told the Washington Post she was often carrying out fundraising duties for the supervisor instead of working on constituent services.

The allegations led to a special grand jury which did not indict Delgaudio but took the unusual step of issuing a critical report.

"They felt something was wrong but they couldn't issue an indictment because of a technicality in the law," explained Supervisor Buona during the meeting debate. "That did not exonerate."

But Delgaudio begged the board to delay a censure vote and instead have a 3-member committee look into the allegations. He protested the board's action.

"I have had assurance that if there is not criminality this is over. Where is your sense as Americans?" said Delgaudio.

Other supervisors complained the months-long controversy was overshadowing the board's positive achievements. Said Chairman York to Delgaudio, "You just have yourself to blame for this. You have crossed the line and its time to deal with it."

Delgaudio will be given enough funding to pay for an iPad or iPhone so he can communicate with Sterling residents. Elected four times, he has 2 1/2 years left in his term. Delgaudio also runs a conservative non-profit organization, Public Advocate of the United States, which campaigns against gay rights.

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