Va. State Senator's Identity Used to Buy Drugs

Majority leader of the Virginia state senate targeted twice

Someone stole the majority leader of the Virginia State Senate’s identity, and used his American Express card to buy $225 of medical marijuana -- way across the nation in Sacramento.

According to television station KXTV, Sen. Richard Saslaw chuckled when they called him by phone and asked him if he bought the pot.

“I’m 70 years old,” Saslaw told KXTV,“I’m past the generation that used to do that.”

The California Highway Patrol and the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes task force said that Saslaw’s identity was stolen and his credit card number used for a number of purchases -- including smoking paraphernalia. This was a full service identity thief purchase.

Saslaw got a heads up when American Express turned him down when he tried to buy something back in March.  He called Virginia State Police who got in touch with the cops in California.

Saslaw said two of his friends in the Virginia Legislature also had their identities stolen.  They nailed down the probable time of the crime to a dinner the three of them had together. The crooks probably took the information from the magnetic strips.

California cops have identified two suspects and are looking for them. It could be a pretty smokey hide-out.

Saslaw said this isn’t the first time he’s had his identity stolen.  The first time, his credit card was used to buy pornography, which the woman had shipped to her home, leading to her arrest.

Makes you wonder what is it about Saslaw’s credit cards that attract thieves trying to satisfy their vices...

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