Virginia Police Helicopter Targeted by Laser; Suspect Arrested

A Fairfax County, Virginia, police helicopter was repeatedly targeted by a laser light during a flight on Saturday night.

Police said Fairfax One was returning to the hanger when a blue light laser was shown three different times into the cockpit of the aircraft. Investigators said the crew was temporarily affected by the light.

The helicopter circled back to the area and used an infrared camera to identify from where the laser originated. The flight crew directed officers on the ground to the location, where they arrested a man and recovered a high-powered laser.

The driver, Carlos Rivero, 45, of Centerville, Maryland, was charged with a misdemeanor, and a federal investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration is underway.

Police said pointing any light at an aircraft can potentially blind the crew. They said any such incident can be traced back to its origin, and violators will be charged.

Investigators said the crew reported having issues with blurred vision and headaches, but they have been cleared for duty.

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