Virginia Moratorium on Utility Disconnections Expires

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Restrictions that prevented utility companies from shutting off electricity, gas, water and sewer ended in Virginia Monday.

The moratorium on disconnections began on March 16 to help those struggling to pay their bills during the pandemic.

The State Corporation Commission rejected a bid by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam to extend the moratorium.

However, the commission ordered jurisdictional utilities to continue to offer extended payment plans of up to 12 months. The commission also directed that customers on those or similar plans should not be charged late fees and should not be disconnected and that for those customers, the moratorium protections continue.

Dominion Energy said in a release Monday it does not plan to disconnect customers.

“Dominion Energy supports the General Assembly’s proposed approach to extending the moratorium on disconnects and will NOT disconnect any Virginia customers for non-payment while waiting for the General Assembly’s final actions to take effect,” the utility company said in a statement.

A similar moratorium in Maryland is set to expire on Nov. 15, but the state has allowed utility companies to begin to send overdue notices to customers.

In D.C., the moratorium on utility shut-offs for unpaid bills will last through the coronavirus pandemic plus an additional 15 days.

Here's how to apply for utility assistance in D.C., Maryland and Virginia:


Find more information about energy assistance in D.C. by visiting http://ddoe.dc.gov/liheap or calling 202-673-6750 or 311. Fill out the online application here.


Find more information about energy assistance in Maryland by visiting http://dhr.maryland.gov/office-of-home-energy-programs/how-do-you-apply/ or calling 1-800-332-6347. Fill out the online application here.


Find more information about energy assistance in Virginia by visiting www.dss.virginia.gov/benefit/ea/index.cgi or calling 1-800-230-6977. Fill out the online application here.


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