Virginia Man Found Guilty of Fatally Hitting Sister With Car

Jury recommends sentence of 38 years

A jury found a Virginia man guilty of killing his sister by hitting her with his car and driving away.

The jury recommended a prison sentence of 38 years after convicting 59-year-old Michel Moreno of first-degree murder and hit-and-run resulting in death. Prosecutors want him sentenced to life in prison.

Moreno was driving his sister, 54-year-old Nancy Moreno, to Dulles International Airport July 21, 2018, for a business trip when he pulled over and his sister got out, prosecutors said. Their sister told News4 they had gotten into an argument.

Nancy Moreno started walking toward the airport with her luggage. Her sister said when another car pulled over to offer a ride, Michel Moreno ran Nancy Moreno down with his SUV and drove away.

Nancy Moreno was taken to a hospital, where she died a few hours later.

Authorities found Michel Moreno later that day at Maryland Live! Casino in Hanover, Maryland.

During the nine-day trial, the prosecution presented eye-witness testimony, expert testimony from the trauma surgeon and the medical examiner, text messages, cellphone data, surveillance video, and testimony from two Loudoun County Adult Detention Center inmates who said Moreno discussed the crime with them.

A final sentencing hearing is scheduled for Oct. 21.

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