Man Charged With Killing Woman in Manassas Home

Police say a Virginia man killed a woman inside a Manassas home and pushed an 84-year-old family member who tried to intervene.

The suspect, 56-year-old Dale Andrew Wolfe, and the victim, 54-year-old Terri Jo Hilbrand, lived a few blocks apart and had known each other for some time, neighbors said. 

Hilbrand, a mother of five children, went to visit Wolfe, police say. Police say Wolfe and Hilbrand got into an altercation that escalated.

Police said the 84-year-old homeowner, Wolfe's stepfather, was awakened late Friday by a loud noise in his home in the 8900 block of Rugby Road. He went to investigate and found Wolfe over the woman, assaulting her with a blunt object, police said.

The homeowner tried to stop the attack and received a minor injury when Wolfe pushed him away, police said. The homeowner then went to a neighbor, who called the police.

Officers responded and found Hilbrand near the front door. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her attacker was still inside. Police say Wolfe had a minor cut to his arm and authorities took him to a hospital. Investigators are still determining whether the cut was self-inflicted or from the altercation. The homeowner also was taken to a hospital for treatment.

News4 reached out to Wolfe's mother, who said she was out of town during the incident and she didn't know what happened.

Wolfe was arrested Saturday and is charged with murder, police said. He is due to appear in court Sept. 25 and is being held without bond.

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