Virginia Home Security Camera Shows Alleged Attacker of Young Girl

Loudoun County, Virginia, police are looking for a man seen on a home security camera who may have sexually assaulted a young girl on a trail in Sterling.

Police said the video showed the moment before and after the attack of a middle school-aged girl on Jan. 3. Video showed the girl walking along a path and caught the man jogging on the same path and out of camera range before he was spotted again by the camera, running away from the scene.

“We’re talking about 4:00, 4:15 in the afternoon. It’s still daylight hours,” said Lt. Col. Mark Poland, of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office. “This juvenile is walking home from school on a populated bike path, walk path, and for this to happen at that time of day, it is very concerning.”

Deputies said the man inappropriately grabbed and touched the girl, and she started screaming. They said the girl’s yells for help may have scared off the man, forcing him to sprint away, which was captured on the security video.

“We’re definitely relying on the community’s help,” Poland said. “Take a look at this video, and hopefully, someone will recognize this suspect.”

Deputies will patrol through the community, but some parents said they will be keeping their children off the path and closer to home.

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