Virginia Governor Outlines Plans to Reopen State

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Virginia’s Gov. Ralph Northam laid out what steps need to be taken to reopen businesses in Virginia as coronavirus testing is increased. He said he is relying on data to determine when the state will be ready to lift restrictions.

There is one model that shows Virginia’s case count peak may have been reached Friday. The number of cases continues to rise, but at a slower rate than previously recorded.

Northam said he is looking ahead to when the positive cases are on a downward trend for 14 days.

The governor made it clear that while phase one of his plan would allow some closed businesses to reopen, they would have strict safety restrictions. Social distancing, teleworking and the use of face coverings would still remain in effect.

Testing is a crucial component to advance to the next steps of the plan. Currently about 2,600 tests a day are being done in Virginia.

To get back to a point where Virginia can be fully reopened, there would need to be about 10,000 tests done per day.

Northam also announced the members of a business work group, representing all sectors that are now closed, will be holding Zoom meetings in the coming weeks. They will be providing updates on what types of restrictions can be put in place to allow employees to safely go back to work.

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