Virginia First-Grader Granted Christmas Wish When Santa Reveals Himself as Marine Dad

First-grade student Jackson Rescottt sat in the front row of his class at Widewater Elementary School in Stafford County on Friday mesmerized by the special visitor that was reading to him and his classmates.

Santa visited Jackson's classroom to read, appropriately, "Santa Is Coming to Virginia." With each page turn, Jackson was so focused on the story. He never noticed that the man in red reading to him was actually someone entirely different -- his father who had come home early from deployment in Kuwait.

When the story ended, Jackson's teacher called on the students to tell Santa what they want for Christmas.

"Let's start with Jackson," she said.

"I want an Xbox One for Christmas," Jackson said. And after she asked if there was anything else, "I also want my dad."

On that cue, Santa granted Jackson's wish.

"I think I have a bit of Christmas magic for you," he said.

Layer by layer, Santa transformed into Staff Sgt. David Rescott.

Jackson's jaw dropped and his eyes welled at the surprise.

All he had wanted for Christmas was for his dad to come home early from deployment -- and that Xbox. The Xbox would have to wait, but his dad was right there.

“I love you," Sgt. Rescott told his son.

"I love you,” Jackson said in reply.

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