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Virginia Family Terrified After Mysterious Double Homicide

Mother, daughter share story to encourage people to come forward with information

A Virginia mother and daughter are terrified a killer or killers could be looking for them after a father and son were killed in a Fauquier County home in November.

“My husband a very good guy, and he worked so hard for my family,” My Nguyen said. “And my son, he very good boy. I don’t know what happened.”

She and her 18-year-old daughter Virginia say they have no idea who killed Duong Nguyen and his son.

“We don’t know what’s out there,” Virginia said. “We don’t feel safe most of the time.”

The most haunting question: Why would anyone kill a cabinetmaker and a community college student?

Duong Nguyen was an immigrant success story. He was so proud to be in this country his named his children America and Virginia.

Family and friends say he was a hard worker, a perfectionist who could build almost anything.

“He was very determined,” Virginia said. “Once he set his mind on to do something, he doesn’t stop until he finishes it.”

America, 22, was a little boy when he began helping his father, but he’d been taking classes at Northern Virginia Community College and working two jobs.

“My brother, he’s still really young,” Virginia said. “He’s very naïve and gullible. He’s at that age where you just want to have fun.”

She and her mother were visiting a sick relative in Vietnam when Duong and America were killed. While the women were away, the family spoke every day.

“My dad would always ask me and my mom, ‘Do you miss me, do you love me?’” Virginia said. “And he was like, ‘I miss you so much and I love you.’”

But one day, neither man answered his phone.

After a second day passed, the sheriff’s office checked the family’s Bealeton home Nov. 9 and found the two men shot to death.

The family had lived in the newly built home for only a year. They’d chosen it because

Duong loved the big yard and the safety of tiny Bealeton.

“We really want to know, my husband, my son, why, you know, they do that with them,” My said.

She and her daughter hope by speaking about their loved ones and sharing their torment, someone who knows something will call investigators.

“I can’t leave her alone and she can’t leave me alone without worrying,” Virginia said.

“I don’t want my daughter worry about me,” My said. “She say, ‘Mommy, don’t leave me. I have only you now.’”

Investigators say they are in the process of analyzing evidence in the lab.

They want anyone who drives Route 28 between Fauquier and Manassas who may have seen anything out of the ordinary in the early morning hours of Nov. 8 to call them at 540-347-3300.

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