‘We Feel Violated': Virginia Family's Property Target of 6 BB Gun Attacks

A home and two vehicles have been shot throughout the past year

A homeowner in Springfield, Virginia, is making a plea to the public for help after enduring a year of bizarre attacks.

John Palladino said someone has shot up his family's home and vehicles with a BB gun several times -- the most recent attack on early Wednesday morning left his SUV windows shattered.

Video shows a suspect shoot every window of Palladino's SUV about 3:15 a.m.

Palladino didn't discover the windows were blown out until later that morning when he walked up to the vehicle to go to work.

"I heard something crunchy and I'm like 'What is that?'"

Nearly a year ago, the first shooting happened just feet away from Palladino while he was watching football on the TV in his living room.

"I heard, like, little plink plinks into the window and I just - I never heard shots before like that and I looked over, saw that and I just dove to the ground," Palladino said.

The attack last November left holes in the living room window. A few nights later, another window and a car were also struck by BB pellets.

Then, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, one window on his wife's car was shattered. In December, the bedroom window was the target. Another attack on his wife's car happened again this year in March.

No one has been injured, but Palladino said the attacks on the home he shares with his wife and son have been disturbing.

"It just makes my heart drop. We feel violated as homeowners," Palladino said.

He said the damage has cost his family thousands of dollars in damage.

He is sharing home surveillance video of the latest shooting in the hopes the suspect might be identified and so his neighbors can be on the lookout.

"Hopefully someone out there can, you know, recognize or seen something that has happened," he said.

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