Virginia Family Charged $452 Shipping for $24 Box of Baby Wipes

A Virginia woman said she was charged $452 in shipping for a $24 box of baby wipes she bought from a seller on Amazon.

Barbara Acha, a new mom from Manassas, said she thought the shipping was free and she would never knowingly pay such a high shipping fee.

She said she didn’t notice the shipping charges until later in the day she ordered the wipes and she contacted Amazon and the third-party seller as soon as she did to cancel the order. She said she didn’t get an immediate answer.

“We were sitting there for two, three, four, five days and we had to call Amazon three or four times, and it was really frustrating because every time we had to call Amazon … my husband had to tell the Amazon customer service rep the story over and over and over again,” Acha said.

She said the seller replied the day after the order, saying it had processed and couldn’t be canceled.

When the baby wipes arrived, the label showed they were sent UPS ground shipping from Arkansas. UPS told News4 the shipping costs should have been less than $25.

NBC4 Responds contacted Amazon and sent them all the documents provided by Acha. Amazon said it investigated the case, refunded the customer and took action on the seller, saying the seller broke its policy, which says sellers "cannot set excessive order fulfillment or shipping costs."

The seller did not respond to an email from NBC4 Responds, but the website now says the only shipping available now is free.

Reported by Susan Hogan, produced by Meredith Royster and edited by Perkins Broussard.

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