Virginia Elementary School Students Create Newsletter to Fight Boredom

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To help themselves and others fight quarantine boredom, two Virginia fifth graders created a student newsletter.

Griffin Cogger and Ryan Farman, two Steuart Weller Elementary School students, created The Lansdowne Letter after getting tired of being bored. And they figured they weren’t the only ones, so they got their friends to help.

“We assigned jobs to everyone and now everyone has a part in this,” Griffin said.

The newsletter is filled with fun activities like riddles, word searches and recipes — things to keep people occupied during long hours at home.

The Lansdowne Letter comes out once a week on Facebook. The boys write the articles while also keeping up with their normal schoolwork.

Ryan is the editor of the newsletter.

“I correct some things but not that much, because they’re all very good writers and they all do a lot of great things with the ideas that they come up with,” he said.

The newsletter already has fans on Facebook who look forward to every issue.

“We thought it was gonna be pretty good. But we never knew it was gonna be this popular,” Griffin said.

The boys plan to continue publishing in the coming weeks as the pandemic wears on.

“We just want to give back to the community. I know if I was a little kid I would be sorta sad and scared during this time, so we’re trying to give back,” Ryan said.

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