Virginia Community Shows Love After Pride Flags Vandalized, Stolen

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A Northern Virginia community is making sure love wins after several LGBTQ pride flags were damaged or stolen in recent days.

Sheryl Frye and Kris Consaul, of Lovettsville, Virginia, live in what's known as the "rainbow house" for its vibrant picket fence.

"Our favorite is when the little kids come by and are like, 'It's the rainbow house!'" Frye said.

On Monday night, someone slashed their transgender pride flag.

"Tuesday night, went to bed. Woke up on Wednesday morning and my neighbor comes around the corner with two empty flag poles and she says, 'They've stolen your flags," Consaul said.

Someone slashed their neighbor's pride flag too.

Down the road, John Rehwinkle's three pride flags were stolen.

"People are coming into our yards and stealing our things and, you know, that's just rude. It's a smack in the face," Rehwinkle said.

Lovettsville Mayor Nate Fontaine called the acts "deplorable and devastating to the entire community" and says "we are working closely with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office."

Word travels fast in a small town, and, just as quickly, allies in the community stepped up.

"People that wanted to replace our flags - that were already replaced - we said, instead of buying one for us, buy one for your own house," Frye said.

So, they did. Pride flags now hang from numerous houses on their street.

The sheriff’s office says it’s working to identify the suspect or suspects involved and a possible motive, including a hate crime.

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