Virginia Community Rallies to Support FedEx Courier With Cancer

“It’s crossed all races, all barriers, all economic status for people just to show their love"

A Northern Virginia community is rallying in support of a popular FedEx deliveryman who recently was diagnosed with cancer.

Sam Coleman is so well known on his route, customers call him “the mayor of Middleburg” and say his smile and conversation brighten their days.

“It was never just five seconds; it was always a visit,” realtor Helen MacMahon said.

“You know he had a million deliveries a day to make that day, but he would always stop and talk to everybody,” she said.

Folks have come to count on his presence at his church, and at his FedEx office, where a plaque marks his service, coworkers know they can depend on him for anything.

“My philosophy as far as work is that if you’ve got to do it, you may as well enjoy it while you’re doing it,” Coleman said.

A few months ago, Coleman, who almost never missed a day behind the wheel of a FedEx truck in almost 30 years, was diagnosed with cancer.

“Everybody says when someone is sick, ‘Well, let me know what I can do for you,’” MacMahon said.

In Middleburg, they started a GoFundMe page so Coleman and his wife, Cassandra, wouldn’t have to worry about money. In five days, it raised $50,000. 

More support followed when two coworkers visited Coleman at home.

“While we were there, we noticed the renovations that he had once started but he was unable to complete,” Mysel Owusu said.

They decided to finish it for him. For eight days, during their time off, they painted and primed, replaced floors and remodeled the kitchen.

“We wanted to be able to help Sam and his family so they could focus on Sam and Sam getting well,” Christina Ostrom said.

The Colemans said they are overwhelmed by all of the support.

“It’s crossed all races, all barriers, all economic status for people just to show their love,” his wife said.

“I’m thankful that people care for us enough, care for me enough,” Coleman said.

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