Virginia: Be a Superhero, File Taxes Online

Virginia debuts tax-related YouTube video

RICHMOND, Va. -- This story is just plain cheesy.

Virginia's Department of Taxation debuted a video on YouTube Friday designed to promote filing of state income taxes on its Web site.

The video looks and sounds like a movie trailer and features a superhero named "Phil Mousepower", who appears about halfway through the short film. 

Mousepower is a hand puppet who wears a blue cape and mask.  It's obvious that the ad was not a large-budget project, because the arm controlling the famed superhero is clearly visible.

The object of Mousepower's affection in the ad is a wedge of cheddar cheese.  Mmmm...cheese.

However, for much of the film, its point remains unclear.  That is, until you reach the end of the 47-second clip, when the words "Use Mouse Power, File Online" appears on screen along with the Department's Web site.

There no word on how much Mousepower was paid for this film, or if he's been signed to do future projects with the department.

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