Violence at Forestville High Alarms Parents

Violent incidents at Forestville High School have parents alarmed.

A one-minute long cellphone video obtained by News4 shows a group fight among female students inside the school.

"I didn't see any teachers, anywhere, trying to break this up," one parent who saw the video told News4.

School officials confirmed the fight happened during the school day Jan. 20. News4 received the video after airing a story about a student at Forestville High School punching a teacher Jan. 29.

Daryl Williams, chief of student services for Prince George's County Public Schools, said students involved in the fight were disciplined, but school confidentiality policies prevented him from discussing details.

Williams said he will review the culture at Forestville and see if the school needs additional resources to make it "the robust school that we know it is."

"I guess for me as a parent it's time for me to investigate what's really going on here," another parent told News4.

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