Viewers Have Clean-Up Ideas for Lincoln Memorial Paint

Officials are still working on trying to remove paint from the Lincoln Memorial after a vandal splattered the hallowed statue on Friday.

While restoration crews were able to get the paint off the granite part, it still remains on the marble. We asked on Twitter and Facebook for suggestions from News 4/NBC Washington viewers.

Many offered using solutions like acetone, gasoline or turpentine. Others suggested household products like Oxyclean, Magic Eraser, or Krud Kutter.

Some people thought the vandal should be made to scrub the statue with a toothbrush until the paint came off. One person said they should just cover it up with a rug.

However, one follower on Twitter wonders if it is really paint. “It might just be alien blood?”, said @Piffmaster. “And it’s not removable?”

Crews are expected to be back out Sunday afternoon to continue their efforts to remove the stain. Police still have yet to identify the person involved.

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