Viewers' Favorite Rebate Apps for Saving on Groceries

Need a fresh idea for saving money at the grocery store?

Toss those coupons aside and stretch your dollar by using rebate apps to get cash back for items on your shopping list.

There are several apps on the market, and we asked our followers on Facebook and Twitter for their favorites: 

  • Checkout 51 gives you cash back on everything from salad mixes to cleaning products. Once you have $20 on your Checkout 51 account, the app will mail you a check.
  • Using Shopkick, you collect points called "kicks" that earn you a gift card.
  • Ibotta is another favorite from Facebook -- you can unlock rebate offers by doing tasks like taking a survey or watching a video. After earning $5, you can transfer the money to a gift card or PayPal account.

The apps are free to download on both Apple and Android smartphones but require you to create an account in order to cash in.

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