Woman Tased, Beaten by Montgomery County Police During Confrontation

A cell phone video shows Montgomery Police repeatedly hitting a woman, then Tasing her outside of a store in Wheaton.

The incident began inside of a Boost Mobile store on Veirs Mill Road Thursday. A witness inside of the store told reporter Jackie Bensen he had seen the woman yelling and cursing over a $3 fee. He said the woman refused to calm down and police were called to the store.

After police arrived, the woman in question began physically fighting with officers and at some point, the struggle moved outside.

"I saw the police officer grab her head and punch her in the face five or six times," another man told Bensen. "So I decided to pull in the parking lot and start video taping that."

WATCH: Cell phone video of Tasing incident

The witness inside of the store said he saw the woman try to bite an officer and reach for one of their guns.

"She was on her stomach and prone on the ground and [they were] grabbing her head and punching her five or six times, while the female officer is in the back Tasing her. It just seemed like they were way out of hand," the man who filmed the incident said.

Montgomery County Police Media Spokesperson Jim Daly confirmed officers deployed a Taser in an effort to subdue the woman.

"In the course of the event, we had two officers that were injured and required treatment at a hospital," Daly told News4. "The officers are off duty at this point as a result of the injuries."

Daly said he was glad the bystander filmed the incident.

"In cases like this, it enhances our investigation," Daly said. "We now have video that shows exactly what happened."

Police said the woman was submitted for mental observation and no charges have yet been filed.

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