Video Shows Illegal ATV Riders on Route 1 in Virginia

Video from a northern Virginia gas station showed illegal four-wheelers, dirt bikes and motorcycles taking over Route 1 in Arlington into Alexandria on Sunday.

A group of nearly 100 ATV riders weaved in and out of vehicle and pedestrian traffic at National Harbor over the weekend. The gas station owner on Route 1 in Virginia said he’s unnerved by the riders’ actions after dealing with it for years.

"They don't care. If you're a car and you're driving, and you're in the middle of them, they'll get mad if you cut them off, and they do retaliatory stuff like that," the owner said.

Arlington police said their officers responded to the gas station, but by the time they got there, the riders were gone. The department has a limited pursuit policy and said it's too unsafe to chase these illegal riders.

The video from National Harbor is just one of at least four other incidents of ATV riders illegally navigating through traffic in different parts of the D.C. area Sunday.

“This will not be tolerated,” Prince George’s County police Deputy Chief George Nichols said Monday. “It is egregious and malicious behavior, and for those that engage in it, we just want you to know that you are not safe. We are coming for you.”

Police tried to stop the riders at the National Harbor, but they got away.


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