Victims of Brutal Beatings, Robberies Lured With Craigslist

Fairfax County police are investigating a handful of robberies and brutal assaults that started with Craigslist ads.

The thieves lure victims to a meeting spot promising to sell them an iPhone. Once they meet, the victims are attacked and robbed.

Police said there have been five such attacks in the past few months. In two cases the victims drove to an Annandale playground where three men would come out from behind the trees and punch and kick the victims and take their money and cellphones. One beating was so brutal the victim suffered a broken bone and vision loss.

"We have arrested a couple of people, however it's an ongoing case," said Lucy Caldwell of Fairfax County Police.

They are looking for the others involved.

Police warn that if you do arrange a meeting through Craigslist, only meet in very public place.

"But we would also say please go with at least one other person, possibly two," Caldwell said.

In addition to looking for more suspects, police are looking for more victims.

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